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This web site exists because far too few Christians know of their true heritage. They know very little about the men and women of faith who were obedient to the call of God. These men and women are heroes, Christian heroes, who laid down their lives (often literally) and gave us the rich Christian heritage that we have today.

If you want to know who we are mentioning in this site then please follow this people link. From there you can go directly to the information about the people you select. However we do have some themes that allow you to see individuals within the context of a much larger event. Currently these themes are:

The Abolition of the Slave Trade The Abolition of the Slave Trade

the history of the Reformation The History of the Reformation

The Reformation was an important period in church history. The Protestant church was established amidst a new era of the revelation of the Word of God to ordinary people. Suddenly anyone who could read was able to see the Bible for themselves. This was a dangerous time for the Christian. Persecution abounded. There are many cities and towns in the United Kingdom which have memorials to people who were martyred for their faith in Christ and their desire to read the Bible in English.

Of course most Christians will know of some missionaries. These heroes, both men and women, took the message that God loves us around the world. The United Kingdom in particular sends missionaries throughout the world and churches were established in most countries.

Perhaps the fact that modern day UK Christians do not really know their heritage is why we in the United Kingdom are now receiving missionaries from these other countries to work in our towns and cities!

Most people will also know of some Evangelists, for example Florence Nightingale is a very well known name! But what about Mildred Cable?

And there are plenty of other men and women who dedicated their lives to the work that God wanted them to do. Their influence on today's society was immense.

Our world is now going through a period of postmodernism where leaders, even in the church, declare that there is now no absolute right or wrong but that anybody can do what they think is right (Judges 17:6). This is the complete opposite of God's word to us.

I hope that you will see in the lives of these Christian heroes the measure of God's love for us.


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